Boda en el jardín Marimurtra. Una elegante boda de inspiración celebrada en un jardín botánico en la Costa Brava. Reportaje de fotografía de boda marimurtra y mas palau.



Gemma and Jose, a magical wedding in a botanical garden on the Costa Brava, the Marimurtra Garden.



Wedding at Marimurtra Botanic garden

Gemma and Jose celebrated an incredible wedding in the stunning Marimurtra Gardens of Blanes, on the Costa Brava, with the majestic Mediterranean Sea as the backdrop.

To get ready, Jose and his friends rented a typical Catalan farmhouse where they prepared together, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and bonding over whisky and enjoying the preparations.
Meanwhile, Gemma and her friends got ready in an apartment in the heart of Blanes, sharing laughter, emotions, and a glass of cava while getting dressed for the big day.

Gemma dazzled everyone with her choice of wedding dress. A unique two-piece design created by Isabel Núñez. The delicate and romantic flowing blouse was combined with a long V-shaped train. To complete her look, she chose Flor de Asoka shoes that added a touch of sophistication and elegance. On the other hand, Jose opted for an impeccable custom-made black tuxedo from the renowned Sastrería Gimeno Chollet.

The ceremony was a display of authenticity and connection. The couple's siblings officiated the emotional event, adding a personal and loving touch. The sand ceremony symbolized the union of Gemma and Jose, but the most heartwarming surprise came when the groom's sisters dedicated a special song to the newlyweds, creating a magical moment with the sea in the background.

After a photoshoot strolling through the idyllic Marimurtra Gardens, everyone headed to Mas Palau, the renowned restaurant of Catering l'Emporda. Gemma and Jose made their grand entrance aboard an antique and elegant white convertible golf cart, eliciting cheers and applause from the guests.

The cocktail-dinner was a delightful culinary experience that allowed the couple to share unforgettable moments with their loved ones. Aware of the importance of enjoying the company of their guests, they opted for a cocktail-style dinner format, creating a relaxed and festive atmosphere. Shots of Jagger circulated among the attendees, adding a touch of fun and contagious energy. And when the time came, the cover band The Tutsies rocked everyone with their music, encouraging guests to dance and enjoy the night.

Gemma and Jose managed to create a unique experience for everyone who shared this special day with them. Their wedding in the Marimurtra Gardens was a true reflection of their personality, style, and passion for life. An event that will be engraved in their hearts and in the memories of all those who had the privilege of witnessing their love.

Caterer: Catering l'Empordà
Video: Puntoycoma
Ceremony venue: Jardins Marimurtra
Celebration venue: Mas Palau
Bridal dress: Isabel Nuñez