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Nuria and Ferran celebrated a beautiful fall wedding in Lleida. The ceremony took place at the majestic cathedral of La Seu Vella, and the celebration at La Boscana.



Wedding at La Seu Vella & La Boscana

Hi! I want to share the spectacular autumn wedding of Nuria and Ferran, held in Lleida. A meticulously planned wedding, from the preparations to the reception, reflecting the authenticity and style of this special couple.

Ferran got ready surrounded by his family at the impressive Parador in Lleida, immersed in a historical and charming ambiance. Meanwhile, in Lleida, at her parents' house, Nuria prepared for her big day, wearing a dazzling Santos Costura dress and Just Ene Shoes, complementing her look with a beautiful bouquet by Jaiak Tendencias.

The ceremony took place at La Seu Vella in Lleida, a historic cathedral exuding charm and grandeur. With its towering Gothic arches, stained glass windows, and rays of light filtering through the painted glass, illuminating the stone walls, the venue emanates an atmosphere of mysticism and solemnity. It was a beautiful and deeply emotional ceremony in a breathtaking space, adorned beautifully by Jaiak Tendencias with a floral arch in the cathedral aisle.

After the ceremony, we took advantage of the opportunity to capture stunning photos of the couple in the cloister of La Seu Vella. The combination of the architectural surroundings and the couple's chemistry made it effortless to capture beautiful shots!

The wedding celebration took place at La Boscana, an idyllic venue nestled amidst nature and tranquility. The live music by Mel Seme created a vibrant and joyful atmosphere as guests enjoyed an outdoor cocktail hour, relishing in the delicious cuisine provided by La Boscana.

The meticulously designed banquet by Jaiak Tendencias transported everyone to a charming autumnal setting. The warm and cozy decor, inspired by the colors and elements of the season, created a romantic and sophisticated ambiance.

And after the couple's first dance, the party began, a Lleida wedding tradition where the start is known but the end is uncertain!

Nuria and Ferran's wedding was truly incredible. From the stunning setting of La Seu Vella to the joy-filled celebration at La Boscana, every moment was unforgettable. It was a pleasure to share such a special day with Nuria and Ferran and to capture in my photos the bond and happiness they radiated!

Video: Cristina Montes
Ceremony: La Seu Vella
Reception: La Boscana
Groom's suit: Señor
Bride's dress: Santos Costura
Decor: Jaiak Tendencias / Joan Conejo