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An Irish destination wedding held in an elegant 14th-century castle in the heart of Empordà, Catalonia.



Wedding at Hotel Castell d'Empordà

Kim and Max's wedding at Hotel Castell d'Empordà was a unique experience in the beautiful region of Empordà, Catalonia. From our first contact, I was infected with their enthusiasm for celebrating their destination wedding in this special venue.

As a photographer, it is always a privilege to document a wedding at Hotel Castell d'Empordà, a majestic castle surrounded by lush Olive Fields in one of the most stunning areas of Catalonia, the Baix Empordà. This authentic 14th-century castle stands proudly atop a small hill in the inland region of Costa Brava.

Both Kim and Max got ready in the cozy rooms of the castle. Max and his best men took some time to relax and have a beer by the pool while Kim had her makeup done in the spectacular Suite, located at the top of Castell d'Empordà, offering breathtaking views of the surroundings.

Before the ceremony, the couple had a first look in the castle tower and toasted with cava alongside their close friends, enjoying the incredible views from the tower.

The ceremony took place outdoors in a garden called "Les Oliveres," a spacious area dotted with olive trees. It was a deeply emotional ceremony, especially as they remembered loved ones who hold a special place in their hearts.

After the ceremony, we strolled through the castle gardens to capture some photos of the couple. We wandered along the path between the olive trees, immersing ourselves in the ambiance of the castle surroundings, transporting us to another era.

The cocktail hour was held in front of the dining hall where the reception would take place. From the viewpoint, we enjoyed the incredible panoramic view during the sunset; the light of Empordà truly felt magical!

Following dinner, speeches, and toasts, it was time to cut the cake and start the party in the castle's discotheque.

I am grateful to Kim and Max for allowing me to be part of their destination wedding at Hotel Castell d'Empordà and capture the most special moments of their day. It was an honor to work with such a professional team and have the opportunity to photograph their wedding in this unique location.

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