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Anouk & Stef's Wedding. A beautiful family wedding, informal and relaxed, enjoying a unique environment.



Wedding at Almiral de la Font

As a wedding photographer, I had the privilege of capturing unforgettable moments at a truly special wedding at Almiral de la Font, the chosen venue for Anouk and Stef's union.

Located in the hills near the coast of Sitges, Almiral de la Font is a stunning rustic Mediterranean-style farmhouse. Surrounded by vineyards and boasting a balcony with breathtaking views, this venue becomes an idyllic setting for every moment of a wedding. The wedding planning and decoration were taken care of by Barcelona Brides, ensuring that everything turned out exactly as the couple had dreamed.

Before the wedding, Anouk and Stef decided to enjoy relaxed moments with their friends and young son by the pool. As a parent, I know that photos with our children gain value over time, as through the photos, we can always remember the moments we spent together.

It was during these moments of complicity and relaxation that I was able to capture more than just wedding photographs. Each image conveys the essence, naturalness, and happiness that enveloped everyone on that special day.

After getting dressed in the house with their friends, Anouk and Stef had a "first look" in the surroundings of the house, and we took that opportunity to take some photos of them walking together before getting married.

The ceremony took place in an area surrounded by pine trees, which provided some shade to protect from the sun. The guests witnessed a beautiful ceremony in which Anouk and Stef exchanged their vows. After the ceremony, we headed to the balcony, which offers stunning panoramic views. There, the guests enjoyed the cocktail hour with the creations of Gau Catering and toasted to the couple's happiness.

And how can we forget the courtyard in front of the house, which became the perfect setting for an outdoor dinner. The combination of warm lights, carefully selected decoration, and the sound of laughter and happy conversations created a magical atmosphere that enveloped everyone present. But the icing on the cake came with the wedding party, which was enlivened by the incredible concert of Roameo Music.

Anouk & Stef's wedding at Almiral de la Font was exactly what they wanted. A great day filled with relaxation and joy, surrounded by all their loved ones, celebrating their wedding in an idyllic setting in the Mediterranean.
As a photographer, I feel grateful to have witnessed such moments filled with happiness and authenticity. Each captured photograph is a testament to the beauty of this place and the special connection between Anouk, Stef, their loved ones, and the environment where they celebrated their wedding

Venue: Almiral de la Font   Wedding Planner: Barcelona Brides  
Catereer & Bar: Gau Catering  Live Music: Roameo Music