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        Jordi Anguera wedding dress for a different wedding in Girona, at La Farinera Venue | Juanjo Vega, destination photographer of different weddings in Girona, Tarragona & Barcelona WEDDINGS

        Wedding at La Farinera de Sant Lluis

        Informal wedding at Les Tallades | Juanjo Vega, informal wedding photographer in Barcelona WEDDINGS

        Rustic wedding at Les Tallades, Barcelona

        Bohemian wedding in Barcelona, surrounded by nature at El munt | Destination wedding photographer | Juanjo Vega, bohemian and boho style wedding photographer in Barcelona (Spain). WEDDINGS

        Wedding at El Munt

        Gay Wedding Album in Barcelona · Elegant Gay Wedding at Ca l'Iborra, | Elegant gay wedding photography | Juanjo Vega, Gay Wedding Photographer in Barcelona WEDDINGS

        Wedding at Ca l’Iborra

        Fall wedding in Barcelona, in Ca n'Alzina | Getting married autumn in Ca n'Alzina, Barcelona | Juanjo Vega, fall wedding photographer in Spain WEDDINGS

        Wedding in Ca n’Alzina, Barcelona

        wedding at el dalmau. Girona and Barcelona wedding photographer WEDDINGS

        Barcelona wedding at El Dalmau

        Mediterranea Beach wedding in Barcelona, at the Btakora Lounge Restaurant | Juanjo Vega Destination Photographer, beach wedding in Barcelona and Costa Brava WEDDINGS

        beach wedding in Barcelona

        Mediterranean wedding album in Barcelona in the heart of nature at Casa Cerdà | Juanjo Vega, Mediterranean outdoor wedding photographer in Barcelona. WEDDINGS

        Barcelona wedding at Mas el Cerdà

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        wedding at Mas del Silenci

        Delicate photographs of a wedding in Can Riera de la Pineda, Barcelona | Juanjo Vega, Photographer delicate weddings in Barcelona WEDDINGS

        wedding at the mountain

        Barcelona wedding photographer. Girona wedding photographer. Natural & original weddings in Barcelona, Girona & Costa Brava.
        Just capturing nice moments and good vibes to create beautiful memories.