Elopement en el Cap de Creus. Una boda íntima en una menorquina navegando por la costa de Cadaqués. Fotógrafo boda Costa brava



An intimate wedding watching the sunrise at Cap de Creus and sailing on a menorquina boat along the coast of Cadaqués.



Elopement at Cap de Creus

Celebrating an elopement has become a different and unique option that more and more couples are choosing to make their wedding unforgettable. As a wedding photographer, it's amazing to be able to share such intimate moments and witness something so special. In this post, I'm going to show you Carla & Sergio's elopement in Cadaqués, a beautiful intimate wedding that I had the immense pleasure of photographing.

The term "elopement" originated in 17th century England, referring to the common practice of couples running away to get married. Nowadays, many couples have embraced the term "elopement wedding" to celebrate their wedding together, in the privacy of just the two of them.

And that's exactly what Carla and Sergio did. They decided not to have a traditional wedding with hundreds of guests and instead opted for an elopement, just the two of them. They chose to do it in a place that held special meaning for both of them: Cap de Creus. And yes, from the moment they confirmed me as their elopement photographer, I knew it was going to be something different from anything I had done as a wedding photographer before.

The day before the elopement, we arrived in Cadaqués in the afternoon. After having a few beers and enjoying some pizza for dinner, we went to bed early because we had an early start the next day.
When we woke up while it was still dark, the couple got dressed in the apartment, and then we took a Mehari car to the lighthouse at Cap de Creus to arrive just in time for sunrise. Once there, I simply focused on photographing the couple as they enjoyed the solitude and silence, the cliffs, the sea, and the mystical and magical landscape of Cap de Creus.

After witnessing the sunrise, we went to Port Lligat where we rented a menorquina boat and sailed to one of the coves in Cadaqués. It was there that the couple exchanged their vows and rings, swaying to the waves of the Mediterranean. There was also time for toasting and enjoying some cava before heading back to land!

Once we returned, we docked the boat in Cadaqués and took a stroll through the beautiful streets of the town. By that time, the sun was shining with the gentle intensity of a September day, allowing me to capture the beautiful, joyful, and relaxed couple under the magical light of Cadaqués.