Barcelona family photoshoot

Barcelona family photoshoot

Nowadays everybody carries a camera in the pocket, the mobile phones, and we gather thousands and thousands of photos that finally we lost.

Usually we only think about hiring a professional photographer for very specific events: a wedding, an anniversary, a party … But have you ever thought that you can do a family photoshoot any “normal” day? It’s just about spending an afternoon or a day enjoying some time together and doing whatever you want: listening  music, reading, cooking or taking a walk around the neighborhood.

Special things always come out of these day-to-day moments and I think that these photographs have really a lot of value over time since they are memories and memories are also emotions …

I have a very special friendship with the family of this photoshoot, so it was great to share some hours with them while taking some family photos. First I took some photos while playing relaxed at home and then we went for a walk in Barcelona strolling through the neighborhood.

Don’t you think it’s worth having a photo shoot like this?

JUANJO VEGA PHOTOGRAPHY | Barcelona & Costa Brava family photographer

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