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        Pooja and Vijaii are a couple from San Diego (California), who were looking for a different way to celebrate their wedding anniversary. They decided to do a photoshoot in Paris, a very special place for both of them. For this reason, they did not hesitate to travel the more than 2,300 km from California to Paris, the city of love. All of which goes to celebrate their wedding anniversary with a photoshoot in Paris, touring the city’s most lovely spots. 

        Although we had a typical cloudy Parisian day, this was not an obstacle for Vijaii and Pooja to enjoy Paris and a the best places of the city. A walk along the river Seine; look at a second-hand book kiosk; admiree the Eiffel Tower sitting on a bench; have a glass of wine in a terrace in Le Marais…

        Stylish and sophisticated, the couple’s style blended perfectly with the more inconic Paris’ places: the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Pont des Arts or the Louvre Museum were just some of the places we visited during the photo session.

        Without a doubt, as a photographer it is a privilege to have the chance to travel and capture stories in a photoshoot as beautiful and authentic as this one. The couple’s love and complicity have been immortalized with this day in Paris. For both of them, this will be one of the best memories of their wedding anniversary. 

        In short, although the heart and mind never forget the best moments of our lives, these images will be always stronger than a thousand of words. An unforgettable memory that Pooja and Vijaii will can come back whenever they want to relive their wedding anniversary in Paris.

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