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        Couple photoshoot guide

        Sesión de pareja
        Couple session tips

        Hi guys!


        Your photoshoot is almost here so I guess you are starting to ask questions like: What do we have to do? Do we have to pose?

        Do not panic! I am going to give you some tips for make you feel comfortable and condifent during the shooting.

        The idea of ​​this session is to photograph real moments while you enjoy a good time together. So just be yourself. To have some reference or inspiration images is fine but  the most important thing is being authentic! Each couple is different, so don’t force situations or postures, just let things flow.

        And now is when you think… okay, great. And how do we do that??

        Well, it's simple, just enjoy the experience!

        Laugh, have fun, jump, play, walk, hug each other, hold your hands or have a beer on the beach. Anything goes!

        Regarding the outfit / styling, it is also important be yourself and feel comfortable. Keep your personal style and use clothes that make you feel good and comfy.


        During the session we will make some dynamic photos, in movement and others more static in which I will ask you to stay still somewhere. Open your mind and let yourself go.

        The idea is to create new images, create your own memories, and I honestly think it’s very important that you feel identified when you see the photos.

        Here are some guidelines about clothing:

        It is better not to make many outfit changes. The photos have to tell a story, if not they lose the thread and it will be just a collage of beautiful photos without storytelling.
        One or two outfits are enough, and if you have any doubts, take some more pieces and we will decide the most appropriate ones.

        Avoid large prints (checks, stripes) and bright or strong colors like red or orange. It is preferable to use neutral colors since otherwise they will draw too much attention in the photos.


        We will create timeless photos, that do not looks old fashioned with the passage of time. You can use neutral tones, earth tones, pastels, jeans, black pants, dresses with a small flower print… any of these options is fine if it is your style, it is about the photos focusing on you more than on your clothes. And if a hat or a cap is part of your style, of course you can wear it too!The colors you wear can complement each other but don’t go dressed the same!. Each person has their own style 🙂 Here are some websites that can help you create interesting color combinations: Coolors.co, Colormind.io, Mycolor.space.

        On the other hand, accesories are not necessary for the session, but if you are especially excited to bring a small bouquet of flowers, a guitar or some votes to read them, it will be great to incorporate them into the photos.

        Below I leave you a link to a mood board with some inspiration photos, but above all don’t forget that we will create something new and different, so…

        Be yourself and enjoy the moment!