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        5 tips for choosing your wedding photographer

        It’s time to choose the wedding photographer, but … where should I start?

        Instagram, Pinterest, Google, wedding directories, magazines, … Today we have tons of information and sometimes it is very difficult to filter it.

        And when you take the step of starting to organize the wedding  it seems like you’re entering an unknown dimension, right?

        There are so many options, styles and proposals that make it difficult to choose calmly and enjoy the process.

        I’ve been dedicated to wedding photography for more than 10 years, so I’ve been encouraged to write this little post that I honestly think can help couples who want to choose a photographer for their wedding.

        While there is no magic formula, I think there are a few things that are important to keep in mind and that a few tips can help you when making a decision, so here you are 5 tips for choosing  your wedding photographer.

        I hope you find them useful!

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        When choosing a photographer for your wedding don’t just stick with three or four beautiful photos, see if you feel identified with his way of telling a story with pictures. It’s really important to find a photographer whose style fits with you.

        People’s recommendations are great but is your wedding so finally you have to like the photos!

        The way he or she capture the beautiful moments,  the color, the composition, there are many things that can influence but sometimes it’s just a sensation, something that catches you and makes you dazzled looking at those photos …


        A wedding photographer must be above all a good professional. What does it mean? Well, like any other professional, he must comply with all the legal duties: taxes, insurances, equipment ...

        You can be sure that this can prevent you from having problems in the future.


        Aside from the fact that you like his style and his photos, it is really important that you feel comfortable with the photographer. Your wedding photographer should be a person who gives you confidence and good vibes. I honestly think that that is key to  feel comfortable near the camera. So if you can meet your photographer before the wedding or at least make a video call (or two if you feel you need it!). It’s just a matter of good communication between you.

        Wedding at Mas Torroella. Girona wedding photographer

        Enjoy your wedding day, let things flow and have fun!

        Truly this is the best advice.

        If you have followed the 4 tips above and let everything flow naturally on your wedding day, I can assure you that you will have some great photos;)

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